A different cord-stopper for each style: Rounded, single, double or with a tailor-made design. Our cord-stoppers give each product consistency and continuity.

Rivets and eyelets

Perfect to customize a lace-up shoe, our bodkins are realized in a plastic polymer that provide every shoe with the right lacing. A rivet ties, strengthens and decorates two or more surfaces.
When a sewing is not enough or is not an option, a rivet ads style to functionality.


Elegant or sporty depending on their application and their dimensions, our carabiners are the ideal element to complete a bag’s design, a bijoux’s lock or a sporty piece of clothing.

Other decorations: plates, cabochon, logos

Our product of fashion details comprehends also plates and cabochons. Even a brand logo itself might become a decorative element to apply or hang just as a precious charm.