Being a

B Corporation®



The world is asking firms to make the difference. It is asking them to make choices that consider more than just their economic interests. It is asking them to weight not only their shareholders’ benefit, but also the impact on all stakeholders: employees, customers, the Society, and the environment.
Lampa is proud to have become the first certified B Corporation firm in the luxury accessories sector in 2020.

Our Commitment

In 2020, Lampa became a Benefit Corporation. We extended our corporate purpose to formalize our commitment to pursue the values we believe in.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

We aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our manufacturing:

  • we use a closed-circuit water system: we realized a state-of-the-art rainwater collection plant that allows us to reuse it in the production process;
  • we recycle or re-inject in the production cycle 50% of production waste. We have a zero-waste target, especially when it comes to plastic materials;
  • we constantly look for ways to save energy, through next-generation machineries and our photovoltaic system.
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