Style is made up of details.


Raw materials and manufacturing

An accessory that is applied to a piece of clothing, a shoe or a bag needs:

  • To be light
  • To be resistant
  • To tell the vision of the brand

At Lampa we perfectioned the production of fashion accessories making materials such as nylon, abs and methacrylate as precious as jewelry, and we exploit to the fullest the versatility of resins.
We take care of every step of the production from the study of the mold to the polishing of the finished detail. This is how we guarantee our clients the highest quality standards and confidentiality.

Our Consultancy

We like to think of ourselves as partners rather than suppliers of finished products. We offer our clients the most effective solutions to reach their functional, qualitative and aesthetic targets. We do so by working side by side with designers to create a continuity between the design and the realization of the product, choosing the most suitable material for every project.

From the smaller productions, ideal for the prototyping phase, to the most sizeable ones of tens of thousands of pieces, the whole production cycle is handled internally in close collaboration with our clients.

The Archive

Lampa’s crown jewel.
An almost endless catalogue of details to explore or rediscover, to define what the next moods will be.
A mean available to designers, who can trace back the history of their maisons through the details used in recent decades.

I nostri prodotti